BBQ Rubs

Our FABULOUS line of Wayne’s BBQ Grilling Rubs are now available online.

BBQ Rubs

  • 3 Set Rub Collection

    3 Set Rub Collection

    Select from any of our 8 flavors in order to create a customized 3 piece set perfect for your next grilling experience.

  • 8 Set Rub Collection

    8 Set Rub Collection


    Our entire 8 piece rub collection.  The complete set includes one bottle of each of our fantastic grilling rubs.  

  • An Apple Bourbon A Day

    An Apple Bourbon A Day



    We call it our “Pork Perfect” flavor. It’s great on butts, ribs, chops – put it on any part of the pig and it’s yummy.

  • Cheers for Chipotle

    Cheers for Chipotle



    This flavor gives your meats and veggies the extra kick you are looking for with the smokiness of the Chipotle peppers. It’s yummy on ribs too.

  • Easy Breezy Cajun

    Easy Breezy Cajun



    For those who like just a little Cajun flavor, this rub is perfect. We call it “Cajun Lite” – full flavors without the after-burn. It’s perfect on fish and chicken.

  • Grill That Steak

    Grill That Steak



    This is a hearty blend with tons of flavor. You can’t go wrong with it on steaks, tenderloins or hamburgers. It’s bursting with a bold taste perfect for beef.

  • Jolt of Joe

    Jolt of Joe

    Our newest flavor, Jolt of Joe, is the perfect blend of rich coffee combined with sweetness and a little kick. Great for pork, beef, veal or venison.



  • Lemon Pepper with a Kick

    Lemon Pepper with a Kick



    Think lemon pepper meets Cajun country. Great on any seafood or chicken dish when you need a hint of citrus, but want a little spice.

  • Lick that Plate Garlic Butter

    Lick that Plate Garlic Butter



    This is by far our personal favorite. When we say “lick the plate” we mean it. We put it on everything except the cereal.

  • Manly Mesquite

    Manly Mesquite



    Ideal for adding extra smoke flavor to pork ribs, Boston Butts as well as chicken. Try this flavor for stovetop grilling when the weather is too nasty to use your smoker.

  • Peachy Keen Brandy

    Peachy Keen Brandy



    This flavor adds a touch of sweetness to any pork, beef or chicken dish. We even put it on salmon for that perfect touch.