Wicker Custom

Wicker Custom

  • Reflections



    Lloyd Flanders has crafted the Reflections Collection as an everyday escape. There is no conflict between form and function here. The Reflections Collection looks beautiful and built-in comfort allows easy contemplation. Subtly woven detail elements and carefully planned styling melt stress away. Click here to view the full Reflections collection. 

  • Royal Plantation

    Royal Plantation


    As the name suggests, the Royal Plantation collection features British West Indies style with design elements taken from the Queen Anne period. The synthetic material is woven in an intricate cable pattern with depth and texture similar to a water hyacinth weave. The baroque cast elements seen in the arms and legs give this design an old world look of carved wood antiques. Click here to view the full Royal Plantation collection. 

  • Royan



    Inspired by its namesake seaside resort along the French coast,  the  Royan outdoor wicker furniture collection is a classic. Twisted polyethylene N-dura™ faux seagrass form the sides and back of this exquisite collection. The arms and legs are created using Resysta, an eco-friendly material sealed in a scratch resistant coating. Click here to view the full Royan collection. 

  • Rustic



    Southern Classic’s Rustic collection is perfect for any location. Hand-crafted with their superior N-dura™ resin, this outdoor wicker furniture collection is available in exclusive Weathered and Black Walnut finishes. Rustic’s rugged design will endure the years in style. Click here to view the full Rustic collection. 

  • Sedona



    Named for the city located on the perimeter of the Grand Canyon, along the Colorado River, the Sedona collection is substantial.  The patent pending style is a 1960s reinterpretation in N-dura resin featuring the romantic European height dining collection, and made from a 6mm hand-woven round resin. Click here to view the full Sedona collection. 

  • Sierra


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    Inspired by the sedimentary lines of the South West deserts, the Sierra collection’s wide stance and mid-century modern design sets a plateau for bold and beautiful outdoor wicker furniture design. Sierra stacks wide layers of ultra-UV resistant, 7mm woven, N-dura resin and Resysta, an environmentally friendly material made of rice hulls, oil and salt. Finished in Sandalwood Resysta and Mahogany resin.

  • Skye


    Romanticizing its mist-laden and mountainous scenery, Viking legend describes Scotland’s Isle of Skye as the Winged Isle. Summer Classics’ stackable patent pending Skye outdoor wicker furniture has cloudlike curves and is fully woven for worry-free coastal enjoyment. Made from a 6mm hand-woven flat ™ resin. Click here to view the full Skye collection. 

  • SoHo



    With its dynamic open weave and versatile positioning, SoHo invites imaginative solutions to outdoor spaces. This deep seating alternative brims with style and eclipses any comfort you have come to know. Click here to view the full SoHo collection. 

  • South Hampton

    South Hampton


    The South Hampton collection from Lane Venture evokes a world of simple abundance with nature and sophistication in friendly competition. Each piece features understated comfort in a durable hand-woven synthetic material over an aluminum frame, transitioning any environment into the world of privilege. Click here to view the full South Hampton collection.