Lloyd Flanders

Lloyd Flanders

  • Contempo

    Lloyd Flanders Contempo


    With the warm texture and rich color of rattan peel, the Contempo Collection offers the ultimate in outdoor living. Function and style are joined to create this one of a kind collection. The straightforward, clean design of the footed sofa and sectional collection features inviting, loose backs, comfort plush seating and extra wide arms for extraordinary comfort. Click here to view the full Contempo collection.

  • Grand Traverse

    Lloyd Flanders Grand Traverse


    Crafted in Lloyd Flanders’ exclusive SunLoom vinyl, the Grand Traverse Collection achieves lasting durability, ensuring endless seasons of comfort and conversations. Perfectly suited to the lanai, sun room, or the front lawn, the Grand Traverse Collection provides versatility to fit your lifestyle and to adjust to the changing seasons in your life. Click here to view the full Grand Traverse collection. 

  • Mandalay

    Lloyd Flanders Mandalay


    The Mandalay Collection perfectly blends the two worlds of design and workmanship into seating with understated style. The entire collection features a unique five strand weave which emulates the textures of natural sea grass. Wide arms and loose back pillows maximize comfort within the Mandalay Collection to withstand the test of time. Click here to view the full Mandalay collection. 

  • Nantucket

    Lloyd Flanders Nantucket


    Casual elegance is the benchmark of the Nantucket Collection, which immerses any indoor area into the grandeur of the American East Coast. Its plush deep seating offers no-nonsense comfort to the refined, history-inspired pieces. With delicate detailing and well planned styling, the Nantucket Collection inspires. Click here to view the full Nantucket collection. 

  • Reflections

    Lloyd Flanders Reflections


    Lloyd Flanders has crafted the Reflections Collection as an everyday escape. There is no conflict between form and function here. The Reflections Collection looks beautiful and built-in comfort allows easy contemplation. Subtly woven detail elements and carefully planned styling melt stress away. Click here to view the full Reflections collection. 

  • Tobago

    Lloyd Flanders Tobago


    Styled by German designer Mathias Hoffman, the Tobago Collection sets the standard for excellence in alternative deep-seated design. Full fluid lines ignite the imagination and enhance the look and feel of Woven Style. From its supple texture and Resysta tops to its uncommon luxury, the Tobago Collection is one to be remembered. Click here to view the full Tobago collection. 

  • Vineyard

    Polywood Vineyard


    The Vineyard collection is reminiscent of the Napa Valley and similar romantic expanses of coastline renowned for their lush beauty. Featuring finely wrought bodies, reminiscent of the detailed trelliswork built to support abundant yields of grapes. Sophisticated serenity, deep, plush seating and styling are all hallmarks of the Vineyard Collection. Click here to view the full Vineyard collection. 

  • SoHo

    Summer Classics SoHo


    With its dynamic open weave and versatile positioning, SoHo invites imaginative solutions to outdoor spaces. This deep seating alternative brims with style and eclipses any comfort you have come to know. Click here to view the full SoHo collection.