Tips for Cooking Turkey on the Grill for Thanksgiving in Destin and Beyond

‘Tis the season to give thanks and host your friends and family for a feast. As you begin to plan your Thanksgiving, you may be searching the best method to cook your turkey. Since we’re the outdoor living pros, we recommend cooking your bird outside. You’ll be surprised how many friends and family members will happily join you by the grill when it’s time to check the temp.

The type of grill you own makes a difference in the techniques you use. In addition, depending on your desired outcome, there are variety of methods, ranging from brining to smoking, for cooking the turkey on the grill. We’ve compiled the best tips from some of the leading premium grill brands. We hope this will help you find the perfect method/recipe and “wow” family and friends this year with the  most delicious turkey in the neighborhood.

Big Green Egg

There are many benefits to smoking your turkey on the Big Green Egg and the company offers plenty of options and tips. For the perfect roasted turkey, BGE recommends cooking with indirect heat with the convEggtor at 325 degrees. By using pecan chips, your turkey will have a light, smoky flavor and deep brown color. Another option is the smoked brined turkey. Brining is great for roasting meats. The turkey will have subtle smoky flavor and is moist and juicy. For those that prefer a bolder smoky flavor, simply add more hickory or pecan chips. Big Green Egg has lots of tips and tricks for brining, injecting and/or roasting a turkey. Click here for expert advice and “how to” videos from Big Green Egg.

Memphis Woodfire Grills

Memphis Grills are not your ordinary outdoor cooking solution. Wood Fire Grills are designed to make year-round grilling and smoking a reality. The versatility of these grills gives you several options when it comes to turkey preparation. The top three options for cooking your turkey on Memphis Woodfire Grill include Spatchcock, Briny Deep or Combo (smoke then roast) the turkey. Click here for expert tips for making your Thanksgiving the best grilling day of the year.

Twin Eagles

Free up your oven and grill your turkey on the rotisserie in Twin Eagles built-in premium gas grill. Consider trying this Sage & Citrus Rotisserie Turkey recipe by Twin Eagles’ partner Chef Jamie Gwen for juicy, succulent meat and crispy, delicious skin this Thanksgiving.

Kettle Grill

Food and Wine has some great suggestions for cooking your turkey on a kettle grill. Most importantly, you’ll need a probe thermometer.

We’re proud to carry an diverse collection of American-made premium grills, including AOG, Big Green Egg, Broilmaster, Delta Heat, Fire Magic, Green Mountain Grill, Memphis Wood Fire Grills,  Twin Eagles and Wilmington Grills. Stop by our showroom at 32 Forest Shore Drive or call us at 850-269-4666 to upgrade your grill, add an outdoor kitchen or seek advice on grilling, repairs and recipes.

Happy Thanksgiving!