New QRave by Broilmaster Gets a Thumbs Up

It takes a lot to impress a grill master such as myself, and the new QRave really is a very unique product in the grilling category. For starters, it is all gas and cooks through indirect heat so it is great for slow cooking. It can be used for slow cooking, smoking, steaming, and grilling. Due to the heat source, it can smoke indefinitely. Since it has a front-loading smoking chip drawer, you can add more wood without disturbing the food and impacting your cooking temperature. QRave’s thick aluminum casting maintains a consistent cooking temperature all day and night. So if your recipe calls for 220 degrees for 14 hours, you got it! If you’re grilling, the QRave reaches up to 700 degrees and is ideal for searing as well.

The QRave also includes a stainless steel drip pan, allowing you to fill with water and add moisture to the cooking process. The stainless steel drip pan also eliminates flair-ups so you spend more time entertaining and less time lifting the lid. Drippings fall into the pan and vaporize to produce flavorful smoke. Excess fat and liquids flow down into the drain channel and out into the external drip bucket. The best part is the collection bucket. When you’re done, open the valve and drain and voila ready for the next use! We also like that the QRave is made in America out of cast aluminum that will not rust.

The QRave gets a thumbs up!