May is National Barbecue Month – What is your favorite grill?

May is National Barbecue Month and we’re dedicated to helping clients find the perfect grill for their lifestyle and cooking preferences. Like many things in life, the tools you use can help you achieve success or result in disappointment. At Bay Breeze Patio, we carry a variety of premium grills that will help improve your grilling game. The key is finding the best grill for your cooking style. Here are some of our favorite options:

AOG (American Outdoor Grill) & Fire Magic Grills – AOG and Fire Magic Grills products are USA made by R.H. Peterson. These affordable, versatile, stainless steel grills are available in stand-alone, built-in, and pedestal/post options, and support liquid propane, natural gas, or electric fuel sources so whatever space you’re looking to enhance, an AOG or Fire Magic Grill may be just right.

Big Green Egg – The popularity of the Big Green Egg has been on the rise as grilling enthusiasts discover the juicy, flavorful results of cooking on all-in-one ceramic grill/smoker/oven. Choose from a variety of sizes, and don’t forget the Eggcessories.

Broilmaster Premium Grills – Looking for a new Broilmaster? We carry several of the Broilmaster lines and models, including the QRave. Whether you’re looking for a grill that will deliver perfect steaks every time or a grill you can use for slow cooking, smoking, steaming, and grilling, Broilmaster’s got it and it’s American-made.

DCS Grills – DCS Grills are uncompromising in their powerful performance. Engineered to deliver the functionality and power demanded by a professional chef, DCS Grills are hand-finished to complement the quality of your premium outdoor kitchen and built to withstand the demands of the serious cook in all seasons.

• Memphis Wood Fire Grills – Memphis Wood Fire Grills are high-temperature grills, low ‘n’ slow smokers, and high performance convection ovens all in one. These quality-crafted appliances are fueled by wood pellets and have features that make the grilling experience more convenient and consistent than ever.

Saber – Saber stainless steel grills rely on infrared heat to deliver the most tender and juicy results using 30% less gas. If you’re shopping for an affordable grill that will deliver taste and quality performance year after year, a Saber is worth a look.

Twin Eagles & Delta Heat –Made in the U.S., Twin Eagles & Delta Heat products are known for their incredible beauty, high-quality, innovation, and hand-crafted construction. If professional results are what you’re after, a Twin Eagles or Delta Heat won’t let you down.

Wilmington – These American-made stainless-steel grills are available in charcoal and gas (both natural gas and propane) options and are built to last a lifetime. You’ll even find options for converting your grill into a steamer or smoker.

Whether you’re entertaining two or twenty, we have everything you need to strengthen your grill game and deliver unforgettable, mouth-watering meals. For more information on any of the grills we carry, please call us at 850-269-4666 or stop by our showroom. We welcome the opportunity to help you find the perfect grill and make you the envy of the neighborhood. Happy Grilling!